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Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

Ravi Singhania / Dipak Rao / Sunil Kumar / Manish Kumar Sharma / Shilpa Shah

Business Process Outsourcing ("BPO") is a proven business model in the global market place for transforming and acquiring strategic stakes across diverse industry domains. Emerging technologies, increased customer-centricity, deepening focus on new markets, adopting new business models are some of the successful growth strategies followed by BPO’s. To provide high end business services, BPO’s have to prepare themselves for meeting critical business challenges. In order to meet client’s specific requirement in the BPO industry, Singhania & Partners delivers customized legal solutions on a large volume of transactions processing engagements. Our team has extensive experience and can assist clients in the following areas:

  • Corporate & Commercial
  • Investments
  • Taxation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Conducting due diligence report
  • Establishing legal structure
  • Employment
  • Drafting of outsourcing agreements
  • Service agreements

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Acting as counsel for its software development centre as well as back office processing centre with over 2000 agents for general corporate, employment and all commercial law advisory matters.America Online
Acted as counsel for agreements relating to outsourcing of software development services to an Indian software development company and for Brightpoint’s internal requirement for software.Brighpoint, Inc.
Advice relating to agreement for consulting services in the areas of Real-time Embedded Software / Networking / Telecom and related software outsourced by Force Computers to an Indian software company.Force Computers (a Solectron Company)
Advice relating to outsourcing of mortgage application processing and related activities to an Indian service provider.GreenPoint Mortgage Funding, Inc.
Acted as counsel for a due diligence of statutory compliances and outsourcing activities carried out by company in various States in India.Hewitt
Counsel for establishing legal structure for Allied State in providing back office support and ancillary credit risk assessment related services for its credit card issuer clients.Intellirisk Management Corporation
Advice relating to outsourcing agreement for development of software/firmware with Indian companies.Mentor Graphics
Advice relating to outsourcing of financial data acquisition, analysis for rating various financial instruments and companies to an Indian financial services management companies.The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.